The In Cahoots Programme has been developed whilst working with some of the best business growth specialists in the world, taking their learning and adding it to our own 20+ years of growing successful businesses.

We understand the massive challenges facing businesses, generally but also more specifically now as a result of the COVID Pandemic and we are able to deliver this programmes training and coaching both face to face and digitally.

We are committed to bringing the best of the world to the businesses we work with, combining practical knowledge, training and coaching to this unique programme.
What is the 'In Cahoots' Programme?
The ‘In Cahoots programme’ for business growth, delivered by a combination of business growth coaches and trainers, specifically selected for their unique backgrounds and success paths. These coaches and trainers are world-class and as such have been selected from around the world.

The areas the programme delivers upon includes but is not exclusive to:
  • Business Growth and Development
  • ​Leadership and Management Development in conjunction with Design Thinking and organisational change
  • ​Business Recovery and Resilience 
  • ​Lean techniques for change and crisis
  • ​Developing new Routes to Market and using the Ideate technique to develop new products and services
  • ​Managing and building thriving teams in an entrepreneurial environment
  • ​Customer Analytics for Growth
  • ​Using Strategic Partnerships to drive Growth
  • ​Measuring, Capturing and retaining value whilst developing a pricing strategy for growth
  • ​Innovation and opportunity spotting
  • ​Digital business model innovation
  • ​Innovative Finance models
  • ​Succession planning
  • ​Selling a business 
  • ​Business continuity and development
  • ​Design and Lean thinking to grow a business
  • ​Marketing and Sales development 
  • ​Sales strategies for growth
  • ​Online Digital growth for business – social and SEO
  • ​AI and Data for business growth
  • ​Blogging and Podcasting for Growth
  • ​Entrepreneurial Management Approaches
  • ​Innovation Barriers
  • ​Developing customer experiences based on Data mining
  • ​Product Process Model identification
  • ​Identifying a Revenue Process model
  • ​Lean Validation Principles
Who is the programme for?
This ‘In Cahoots’ programme is not sector-specific, we are using and implementing models that are successful across the world, redeveloped to be of use in every sector.

We want to give you a flavour of what the programme is about so we are running a number of one day taster days, so you can see for yourself the benefit of being part of the programme.

This programme needs your commitment and investment, both financially and in time. This programme will never be offered on a funded basis and never for free.

You will get so much from it, but only apply if you are serious and can make the commitment to develop both you and your business.

If you want you and your business not just to grow, but to scale, thrive and be all you can ever dream, this is the programme for you. 

Hard work and commitment, but visible rewards for both.
Check out what previous learners thought!

Julia Murray

So there are some things I simply can’t tell you - otherwise it wouldn’t be cahoots - but what I can tell you is that it is so much more than a day focussing on your business. It’s a challenge for you, your business and your ideas. 

Simon Lowe

The 'In Cahoots' session really focussed me on achieving things after several months of just faffing around. I've had 7 leads since putting my plan in place and this month sees new clients.

Andrea Scott

The course was very motivational, it brought me back to focus on my business and made realise that taking time out for me benefits the company and that I don't need to work to the bone!

Tim Ward

Plenty of great advice and practical take home lessons which will have a genuine impact. I do a ton of training and go to lots of seminars etc, in my quest for continual development and this was genuinely one of the best I have ever been to, it's just so practical.
Come and see if you would like to be ‘In Cahoots’ with us, by trying a taster day:

21/10/2020 9.30am-4.30pm

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